The way the world responds to climate change is of critical importance to international development and our shared future.

I commend the Secretary-General for his great leadership in urging the world to take collective action.

This Summit provides the catalyst towards a global binding agreement in 2015. 

Climate change is not only about rising sea levels and changed weather conditions. It is not just an environmental issue. It is about our security and our very survival. The impacts of climate change threaten our food, energy, water, resource and social security. 

The risks associated with these security challenges are compounded where there are existing stresses on water supply, agricultural productivity, health and education systems, and where there are demographic pressures and limited employment and business opportunities for our young people.

Climate change amplifies all of our existing and future development challenges. 

Just last year, the Initial National Communication on Climate Change in Timor-Leste concluded that climate change poses a severe threat to future growth and development in Timor-Leste. 

While we are introducing measures to mitigate the effects of climate change to protect our economy and infrastructure, it is coordinated global action that is also needed.

But regrettably, no issue better demonstrates the concentration of wealth and the self-interest of the rich and powerful.

Which is why the nations of the world most at risk of the affects of climate change are speaking with one voice on this issue that is not of our making.

Most recently, I attended the United Nations Small Island States meeting in Apia, Samoa, led by H.E. the Secretary-General where we called for universal action to be taken on climate change. 

In 2012 I promised the President of Kiribati, that I would raise this matter in every global forum, until we get action. I do so today, as I have done since I made my promise. 

We need action not words. This issue is no longer the sole domain of scientists and environmentalists. 

The evidence is in front of us. 

For our brothers and sisters living in the Pacific Islands climate change is threatening to literally wipe them out of existence.

We need a political solution. Ladies and gentlemen, we must achieve a binding global agreement for urgent and meaningful action on climate change. 

Sustainable development, global progress and our very future depends upon it.

Thank you very much.